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As a child, I always enjoyed Rubik's Cube style puzzles. After about fourteen years in storage, I have resurrected my old puzzles. At the same time, I've acquired several new puzzles. They are listed here in the order I acquired them.

You may click on each picture to view a larger image. Sometime in future, the links will take you to pages dedicated to each puzzle. I'd like to provide more information about each puzzle, such as creator name, creation date, manufacturer, year of manufacture, number of possible combinations, and solution.

Rubik's Cube Picture Rubik's Cube

This is the one that started it all! This is an original Rubik's Cube from the Ideal Toy Company. At one time, I could solve it without help. I had created my own solution and committed it to memory. I will publish that solution here soon.

The Missing Link

This one is another original Ideal Toy Company puzzle. I also used to be able to solve this one, but since I pulled it from storage, the solution has eluded me.

Missing Link Picture
Rubik's Snake Picture Rubik's Snake

In this picture, there are two snakes. The one on the left is my 18-year-old knock-off snake. It has probably seen hundreds of hours of play. The one on the right is a brand-new Oddzon version of the Rubik's Snake.


Here you see my original Pyraminx. I have always been able to solve this puzzle in a few minutes. Even when I hadn't seen it in about 14 years, I solved it quickly. However, this is one of my favorite puzzles.

Pyraminx Picture
Rubik's Revenge Picture Rubik's Revenge

Here's another Ideal Toy Company original. This puzzle was quite rare, until recently, when the Oddzon company re-released this item. I was never able to figure out how to solve this one until recently. Now that it's solved, I doubt I'll mix it up again any time soon!

Alexander's Star

To this day, the solution to this puzzle has always been out of my reach. I got this puzzle sometime in the early eighties. I mixed it up shortly after getting it, and it remains in that state. Anyone have any ideas? This is also an Ideal Toy Company original.

Alexander's Star Picture
Professor's Cube Picture Professor's Cube (aka Rubik's Wahn)

As if the Rubik's Revenge wasn't hard enough, I recently obtained this 5x5x5 monster. It's from Meffert's Puzzles. I hope to get this one solved shortly.


This 12-sided nightmare is another item from Meffert's Puzzles. This puzzle features tiles instead of stickers. The movement of this puzzle is surprisingly smooth. I have come within a few tiles of finishing this one, only to make a solution-destroying mistake. This is another puzzle I hope to solve soon.

Megaminx Picture
Rubik's Pocket Cube Picture Rubik's Pocket Cube

I recently acquired this 2x2x2 Oddzon puzzle. The solution to this one is the same as the corners solution for the Rubik's Cube. It's harder than it looks, but it's still pretty simple.

Skewb Cube

I love the way this Meffert's puzzle moves in my hands. The solution to this one is apparently simple, but I haven't found it yet. (I have now!) I've only had it a couple weeks, so the solution should appear soon! (It did!)

Skewb Cube Picture
Pyromorphix Picture Pyromorphix

This recent Meffert's acquisition is my favorite puzzle! Don't let its appearance fool you! It is far more complex than the Pyraminx! The interesting thing about this puzzle is that it can change into a total of seven different shapes! I now know how to solve this one, and it's still my favorite!


The Impossiball looked very interesting, but after getting it, I can't say I'm impressed. I don't like the force required to move each face. The solution to this one is apparently the same as the edges solution for the Megaminx.

Impossiball Picture
Rubik's Bricks Picture Rubik's Bricks (aka Soma Cube)

While not the same type of puzzle as the others, I thought I'd include this Oddzon puzzle since it bears the Rubik name. This puzzle is made up of nine different pieces. The challenge is to assemble the pieces so that the cube looks the way it does in the picture. It's harder than you might think!

Rubik's Shells

This is a recent Oddzon release. This puzzle features four rings of colored plastic balls. The rings intersect at the middle. It also features three "skill levels". Buttons on the puzzle are pushed to move to the higher levels. Once the buttons are pushed, there's no way to return the puzzle to an easier level. After completing this puzzle four times in twenty minutes on the easiest setting, I immediately pushed both buttons, thereby setting the puzzle to its hardest setting. I have not solved it yet!

Rubik's Shells Picture
Rubik's Triamid Picture Rubik's Triamid

This is a late-eighties puzzle made by Matchbox. I picked this one up on eBay the other day. This puzzle is unique in that you separate and reassemble the pieces on your way to the solution. There's only one legal move that's allowed, and due to the way it's assembled, it's really easy to cheat. (Note: It's also easier to solve than the Pyraminx!)

Rubik's Clock

Here's another Matchbox puzzle from the late eighties. It's also another one of my eBay finds. The goal of this puzzle is to get the nine clocks on each side to point to 12 o'clock. It also happens to be the easiest puzzle I've ever seen that bears the Rubik's name. It took me about three hours to find the solution, and now I can solve it within a minute.

Rubik's Clock Picture
Orb-It Picture Orb-It

This mid-eighties toy comes from Parker Brothers. I think this puzzle has been sold under several different names by different manufacturers. I picked this one up on eBay the other day, and much to my chagrin, one of the beads is missing! The seller ppromptlyrefunded my money, and I'm looking for another one now.

Rubik's Rings

This is one of Oddzon's latest Rubik offerings. There are two rotating rings that intersect in two places. After mixing it up pretty well, it took me about ten minutes to solve. Oh well, not every puzzle can be an extreme brain teaser!

Rubik's Rings Picture
Rubik's Double Tangram Picture Rubik's Double Tangram

This new Rubik/Oddzon release isn't really a puzzle. It's just a new version of an ancient Chinese game called "The seven boards of cunning." The goal of a tangram is to make different shapes from the seven shapes. This "puzzle" contains fourteen pieces, or two tangrams.

Rubik's Die

This late-eighties Rubik creation comes from Matchbox. The goal is to get all of the dots on each side of the die to be white. Inside the die, there are metal plates that must be tilted into place. If any red is showing, it's wrong!

Rubik's Die Picture
Square-1 Picture Square-1

This is the most difficult cube puzzle I have. What makes it so hard is that the pieces of the puzzles are odd shapes. As you can see in the picture, it can become very non-cube-like! Supposedly, there are hundreds of posibilities of shapes that it can take. At this time, I can't even get it back into a square, let alone get the colors finished correctly!

Rubik's Magic Master Edition

This puzzle is by far the rarest item in my collection. This puzzle is a handmade, pre-production version of the Magic Master edition. It is obviously different from the normal version in that this one features a mirror-like background behind the rings. The background on the production version of the puzzle is plain gray. I don't know how to solve this one, and I may never know. I think it's too rare and fragile to play with.

Rubik's Magic Master Edition Picture
Rubik's Magic Picture Rubik's Magic

Here's an orignal Matchbox Rubik's Magic from 1986. This one is the last puzzle in my latest round of eBay purchasing. It came to me brand new, and shame on me, I opened its box. When I did, I swear that I could smell the eighties! Since this puzzle and it's big brother above are so rare and delicate, I've ordered an Oddzon 2000 version of this puzzle. The new one doesn't look nearly as cool as the old ones! (They're orange and yellow!)

Several people have asked me where to find some of these puzzles. I know of two very reliable vendors that have puzzles for sale. I suggest that you take a look at what they have to offer!

Meffert's Puzzles sells a wide variety of puzzles such as the Megaminx, Professor's Cube, Impossiball, Sqaure-1, Pyromorphix, Skewb Cube, Pyraminx, and many others!

Rubik's Online Home Page has a lot to offer when it comes to Rubik puzzles. They sell new versions of many of the classic Rubik puzzles!

eBay is the place to look for those puzzles that no one makes anymore! I'd say that anywhere from fifteen to thirty new sequential movement puzzles are put up for auction every day on eBay.


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